Friday, November 12, 2010

Cupid Reject – Part II: The Bahuguna Syndrome

Following very closely to the Mama’s boy we have the people suffering from Bahuguna Syndrome. Their deficiency gets them attracted more towards the four legged ones than the humans. This kind deficiency is more prevalent in females than males (At least I have never seen any porn with a man humping a dog or a horse). I personally know few females who suffer from this Syndrome. My friend Jubee (name changed) started with voicing her thoughts against animal cruelty, then it was more of a intellectual revolutionary way of attracting males. Something like saying “Hey I love dogs and I will surely love you” and before she knew her house was a kennel, now she got her mutts snap on her facebook profile. One more friend of mine Arpita (again named changed) is a class apart, her love with her mongrel is multi-facet. Her dog is her friend, lover, daughter, roommate, bitch everything. All possible relations which can be taken up by a human is filled up by her pet. Off late my wife has developed an uncanny affection towards facebook aquarium and its rubbing on to me as well. I understand a part of this syndrome the addiction part you start by exploring different traits of the animal and then suddenly you find you understand your pet more than you understand humans or humans understand you. One leads to another, confusion and drinks leads to sin and then you have a dark secret to keep.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cupic Rejects – Part I: Mama’s Boy

Never in my thirty years of this mundane life had cupid gone beyond giving me a sarcastic smile. It remains a classic mystery of my youth why girls always chose to remain single than to mingle with me. From random to the ugliest lot they always maintained a 500 meters of emotional distance from me. No one gave me a good reason …till I got married. Very next day of my marriage my good wife decoded the ancient mystery by saying “You are a Mama’s boy”. Statement didn’t come as a reverse compliment which I expected it was more in lines with someone being told by his girl friend that he got a small tool.

About Monkey with Red buttocks

Haughtiness is an interesting concept... some might say it's a confusion of values others might include it’s to fill the void to fill the lack of depth a person has… something of that sort I just made that up… Anyway the question is there really a difference between two individual - one who drives my father’s 40 kicks and still won’t start, 20mph ancient scooter and the one who glides in black Lexus of his father. Yes, there is and thank God my father sold that metal pile before I was enlightened of that difference.