Monday, July 7, 2008

Life at 3 hour past midnight

It's in a certain rare moment that life looks my way.

Sometimes I feel it's eyes on me and sometimes I look back and yet other times I ignore it's stares and look away.

Sometimes though life never looks my way, it isn't interested in me at all and that's when I am most likely to stare in it's direction, but with no kind of compatibility it is hopeless to try and communicate.

I get caught up in life's hands most of the time, doing this and doing that…or doing nothing or waiting for something to be done it either gives me huge bear hug or shakes me to the bone and before I can reciprocate poof!!! Its gone!! That’s life for me… not giving any chance to reciprocate.

So many fragile humans and so many brave humans all wrapped up and ready to mingle with each other, these handshakes and hugs, these laughs and smiles, these cries and dispute. The moments of love and understanding make it very easy to forget about life. It’s always when you are alone either in crowd or in solitude you start thinking when was the last time life looked your way.

Life up in the big sky above...who, what, why, when bloody its been long… where are you?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Smoker's Edge

People have lots of bad notion about smoking. If you ask me I say these people lack imagination. There is no limit to the perks one can expect from picking up a pack of Will Navy Cut's and indulging yourself a little.

First of all, you'll look cool. Honest. Nothing is more fashionable than yellow teeth, stained fingers and that one of a kind smoker's side-glance. Look at Client Eastwood chewing on his cigar or Travolta playing with his kings or Ajay Devgan about to change the climax. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to steal your thunder. Period.

After only a cigarette or two, your clothes and hair will also develop a very unique odor, recognizable not only to other smokers, but also health freaks. This smell has many benefits, not the least of which is the off-putting quality you can use to keep unwanted men or women from getting too close.

On the other hand, smoking can be a terrific icebreaker. That guy you're afraid to approach at a party? The girl you can't quite get up the nerve to ask out? If she's packing attitude, it's a safe bet she's got the habit too. Pull out your brand, and ask for a light. She'll appreciate not being the only pariah at the gathering. Let her know you feel her pain and get the ball rolling.

There are few problems smoking can't correct, like keeping track of loose change. Thanks to the inflated taxes targeting this product, tobacco puffers rarely have loose change. Bloody they rarely have any change at all. Cigarettes have become an expensive habit. Once you're really into it, you'll find yourself making a difficult choice-to eat, or to smoke. Speaking of which smoking can help you lose weight. Food doesn't come cheap, and as a longtime nicotine fan, I've often skipped meals to supply my addiction. Of course, after ten years, I'm fairly certain I'm carrying an extra few pounds of tar in my chest, but well, abs and six are just around the corner.

Smoking calms nerves. Yes, it supposedly raises heart rate and blood pressure, but the strongest ingredient-nicotine-has a calming psychological effect you'll find positively addictive. Trust me on this. I've used Wills Navy cut as my own, personal version of stress buster for years. It works wonders… all the time.

It also kills. I don't know if you're aware of this, but cigarettes cause cancer. Lots of us worry about our own demise. Some even obsess. Smoking can ease these fears. No longer will you wonder if a drunk driver, a mass murderer, global warming, or some freak accident will be the cause. By smoking, you'll have narrowed it down to only a few long, coughing choices.
Talking of coughs… bloody well enjoy the side effects. The new hoarseness to your voice, the wheeze in your lungs. Spitting brown cough gives you a raw manly look. Try imagining how many big hard historical decisions were taken when man was holding fire so close to his mouth. Its all together a different genre.

Smoking doesn’t quench your thirst nor it fills your hungry stomach… its something beyond the basic of animal life it defines you as human… a human with thinking brain…