Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life After My Wife Left

In my youth, I was a Business Analyst in the IT sector… before becoming a jailbird

This is how it all came about:

Disaster meets

Picture a scenario where the mighty you run into your old girlfriend while you are with your wife.
--Don’t feel so mighty right

A series of emotions will run through your system, predominantly… black outs. However, if you follow these simple rules my good man… you might very well be able to escape this unfortunate meeting unscathed.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Death of Thought Process

The daily practice of keeping an appointment with the mundane can lead to death of thought…

Lot of people get philosophical with me and say “Life does not come with a warning label”… but then again lot of people say lot of bullshit lot of time and that’s a lot alrite… I guess we all do what we want and mostly what we have to do to survive. It seems that between family, TV shows and office life can lead to mundane and ho-hum activity which leaves not much time for thinking outside the box of the status-quo. Obviously since I realize this as a fact in my life I would be on the other side of a non thinker. And it does appear that there are "sides", the thinkers and the one's that simply make a decision that is already laid out for them.
I know someone who would go about the house mindlessly picking up things… my things to be precise… and put it in a place where I am never going to find it again… atleast by myself… to double check on my observation I carefully kept my pajama, wet towel on the bed and underwear behind the door and before I can check on the activity of my specimen POOFFF it was gone!!! She mindlessly picked it and threw it in unknown region of our room.