Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I am not that kind of a girl

"I'm not that kind of girl” that’s the most common statement guys like me hear from girls all around in all shapes and all sizes.

"I have to give you something to come back for." More subtle come back from ladies in their 30’s and more. I have heard that too. I have also heard, "You won't respect me" "I won't respect myself" and "I am not a slut"…. “You are a cheap bastard”

Now, there are some monstrous or legitimate reasons (whatever you think) why a girl won't or shouldn't sleep with a guy early on. Nonetheless, many times, even if a girl holds out on a guy, she finds that he ditches her soon after they have had sex. Why? "He did so many sweet things for me before that and the second we had sex, he stopped calling me."

Part of the reason is because he is a dog always in a heat cycle. But a huge part of the fault lies with girls’ as well.

One logically screwed up thought woman puts in statement is, "I won't have sex with someone unless we are in a relationship together.
My thought, "I will not be in a relationship with someone unless I know we are sexually compatible." Who has the wrong line of thinking here? If it’s me then please note it’s just a thought.

Anyway’s before humping into any conclusion… let’s examine- I won't commit myself to someone unless I am sure that we have sexual chemistry with strong biology to back up. I feel that having that chemistry is key to ensure monogamy because if the sex sucks, I am going to want to cheat. Being a dog cheating is omnipresent but that’s beside the point, here you have a valid tragic reason.

The girl that waits for a relationship is actually using sex as a tool to get someone to commit, while a key component of the relationship is left totally uncharted. That's manipulative and abuse of male biological requirements. It's also putting yourself in a position where you better perform like a porn queen because if you don't… your guy is going to be fucking pissed that he put in all of this time for missionary sex with a cold dead woman.

Some women think men put pussy on a pedestal…and it's true. But women are just as guilty, if not more. You see, when you make a guy wait, it becomes his goal to sleep with you. A goal that you set for him to attain, and he will accomplish at all costs if there is slightest of possibility. And when he does, there is nothing left to accomplish… and that's why he leaves. He feels that way because you made sex the pinnacle of your relationship. In making him have to prove himself you have put him in a position of needing to prove himself of being worthy of your G-spot, or being serious enough about you to deserve it.

The problem is that you over burdened with your chastity load. Instead of making him pine away at spending time with you because you are so cool and fun, you have made your pussy the best thing about you… That's the problem. Making a guy wait for sex till he proves himself over and over again is overselling a piece of anatomy you have that every other woman out there has. That’s were you screwed up… big time

If you want to be special for your guy, sell your mind, your sense of humor, whatever. I am not saying you should sleep with a guy whenever he wants either, but don't sleep with him to get him interested because that won't work, and don't hold out on him to keep him interested either. If you are going to hold out, tell him it's because you are not comfortable enough with him yet, but make it clear that you are thinking about it. But don't put your pussy on a pedestal. Because if you do…
....we will just take it and run!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Venus affinity to...Dickheads

Ok, folks here something which we have always thought in a semi conscious state of rejection. Which once gets in a repetitive mode grows up to become a sad truth of our life… something I’ve been wondering about since the age of 16. Why do women date DICKHEADS?
If you are one of those been there done that kind of a guy then you surely know what I mean.

You meet a girl, and she ranges from cute to hot, smart, funny, sweet, out going bubbly, doesn't seem to be the naggy type, all that good stuff. Then, right as you're about to open your heart out to her, because you really like her and you're sure she likes you, she starts dating some other dude, and of course dude turns out to be a total…Dickhead. He's so not right for her you can't believe she even gives him the time of day, let alone allowing him to physically explore her. This very thought makes you feel pukish. Not only is he not right for her, but probably treats her badly as well… Ok he probably doesn’t treat her badly… so what you bloody well want to believe he treats her badly PERIOD.
It sucks, and you cant do anything because its one of the cardinal rules of the universe “ You don’t steal the stolen property”.

I don’t need a survey, research, nothing. No empirical evidence necessary. I've seen it with my two eyes. I have been through it mates. Women date dickheads like it's their gender job. You have absolutely no clue what attracted your girl friend to that dickhead. Even dogs don’t wag their tail when he is around. He is bloody Mama’s boy you ask him what’s his favorite dish and he retorts whatever his mom cooks. Your girl hates you now and respects this new dickhead and her love is bloody well sitting over the respect she got for him. He is unique because he wont get physical with her before they marry… dumb unique for sure… I can go on and on describing the traits of such assholes around us stealing our girls but the topic here is not dickheads but why woman dates these kind.
If you drill down bit further on this you will realize girls end up dating guys they know to be dickheads the moment they meet them. I have great dickhead radar. Its something like a metal detector but here it spots dickheads instead. Trust me the land I belong to… there is abundance of them.

Here is the best part - Couple of years have passed since she has deleted you from her area of interest and you have also made peace with your destiny. She pops up again in your life. Finally realizing that the guy was a dickhead. And now she is complaining loudly ” why all men are dickheads”?
Well sweet heart, like the strip club thing its partly your fault. Men are morons towards women because they know that they can get away with it and their current girlfriend will stay with them or that some other woman will date them, suspecting or even knowing that the guy is an Dickhead. Seeing no consequence to their asshole ways, they continue in them, and the ladies line up to date them. In fact, the bigger asshole you are, the more women you seem to attract.
Feel free to shed some light on this phenomenon.