Friday, June 19, 2009

Few words from Mrs Ashraf

Ohhhhhhhh, how should I start? I m not so good writer as my hubby, actually i m not writer at all, and my English is so bad, but i wanted to put few sentences here, just to mark my territory :-). I guess first i will introduce myself. My name is Ivana, i live in Croatia and soon I will be Mrs Ashraf. Just I have to change my name, so soon I will be Mrs..... Ashraf.
What else can i say? Yes, i m very nice girl although Imran calls me bitch or slave master , don’t know why, I guess he found that these nicknames suits me :-).

We met last year, i guess it was September, but he was such a jerk, I didn’t want even to talk to him, he thought he is interesting but on contrary he was so boring and bothering, u cannot imagine, he was flirting with everyone we can call female on the internet (don’t kill me because of this). And one day he started to be interesting, i have no idea how, but now he is the most important person in my life. After 8 months we finally saw each other, when i saw him at airport i said wowwwwwwwww!
Usually people say or think 10 days is not long enough to see or realize if that someone is for u or not, but since that first moment i saw him at airport, after our first hug i knew he is the one and I want to spend all my life with him.
I love you Immi the most!