Friday, November 15, 2013

What kind of mood is she in today?

Husbands around the globe face risk and perhaps potential demise each time they come home at the end of a hard day of work. Desperate men everywhere ask themselves every evening the same ultimate question “What kind of mood is she in today?” 

It’s nearly impossible for many men to gauge and at times might resemble playing one bullet in the revolver game. If you are a husband who has considered pressing your ear to the front door to listen for bloodcurdling noises, or called her before leaving office to check what's for dinner and guess the devils mind set through her response..then my humble observations might come handy.
When entering the house head straight to the kitchen irrespective of where your wife is.. Kitchen cleaned... food ready to be eaten might signal a rare stress free night for you.. you might even get lucky that night... safe to give a kiss to your wife and ask about her day.

Wife is in the kitchen hurrying up with dinner preparation... see if you can disconnect your internet or somehow blocking facebook or move to a place free of neighbor nuisance. Probably she was listening to your neighbors wife what her husband gave for her birthday or where he took her for their anniversary. Bigger possibility - she thought of having a quick peep on your facebook account and ended up watching the million photos your friend has put of their 5th honeymoon trip.
This is a conspiracy.. your world has conspired against you. These photos have been put to encourage your wife in making your life miserable. Believe it or not your friends go to these places with the sole intention of clicking photos and putting it on fb for your wife to see and burn your life.

Food not ready or worse half done... kitchen is mess... she is on call her family or watching TV soap. If you can jump out from your kitchen window and run.. try that.. or take comfort in truth that she won't kill you till last drop of sanity has been sucked out from your miserable life. Ask a gentle question if she had a talk with your parents... if her response is a stare or anything except - no.. jumping out and escaping from that kitchen window is not a bad idea.

I have come to a realization that my mother although a very loving mom is a very very stupid woman... even after so many blood bath that I have gone through... she still doesn't realize the final fate of the pebble thrown by her... on her daughter in law... is to become a boulder and land on her sons head.
Run... vanish... pray for quick death... a heartstroke...if your mother had called and kitchen is dirty there is no telling what has happened that day! 

Caution: Devils comes in many shape and sizes ...what knowledge at times helped me with my wife might not work with yours...

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